Today’s work

Been trying to build a low poly battering ram, but been having issues keeping the poly count down and it’s still by no means done.  Here it is such as it is so far.


I also did another couple of ships this morning.  Again just basic ideas.




Been playing Star Conflict recently and been chatting to one of the guys in my corp who is building a space game. Decided to try and make some ship concepts, see what I could come up with.  Surprisingly difficult, but here is what I have so far.

02 03

Obviously these are very basic, just trying out different shapes.  I don’t really like the spheres, I don’t see that I could do much with it.  The 6 on the left though I think show promise with some more work.  And there’s a limitless amount of variation I could do.

About time I started using this

So it’s finally about time I started using this.  Originally this was going to be used as dev blog.  Showing all my mistakes as I learned Unity.  I have instead decided to make it more general.  Mostly at the moment, while I’m off work with back problems, I’m teaching myself 3ds Max.  As I haven’t been keeping track of all my work I’ll just post it all up here and then keep this place updated in the future.


I have been working through Digital Tutors lessons.  They are amazingly well done.  I wish I’d had them when I first tried to learn 3ds so many years ago.  There’s still a long way to go obviously, but I have to start somewhere.